edithmusicfan 27/03/2018 14:48:55 +00:00

Links Errors

When clicking from my email notifications on 'edit your notification settings' I receive a "Oops, looks like we are having a problem displaying this page...(500 error) Click here to try again... " Everything else works like linking to the DJ's page or playing whatever mix he sends me coincidentally, only the email notifications settings does NOT work even after trying again. You must correct this problem not just see if it has been reported before that does not help because there's something wrong with your link! The same goes for 'update preferences' when I click on that link and it attempts to connect it says "problem loading page unable to connect" somehow it looks like your emails purposely don't want to allow users to make modifications whether it be to unsubscribe or make other changes. Again something majorly wrong with your links. Please correct those errors I don't want to have to block any incoming emails of yours. Thanks.
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