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Promote get More Famous ?

Are their any ways, Projects where we could Promote our Dj Mixes/Remix to get More Fans, Listerners ? Maybee an Radio Station: Most Populare Genres and who Like could offer his Uploaded Stuff to This Radio Stream! House-Mixes has Server, so its only a Programm u could Install and Run, bind the Upload Section like Add to Facebook/Mixcloud Now Also Radio Stream !!! We could make an Real Good Radio Stream for Techno,House,Ambient,Drum n Bass. Radio Competitions .... Best DJ's will get Live Performing Radio Stream or something !!! Soundcloud Has Feature Every Track Uploaded will turn into an Member Radio Where the Tracks all get Played. That's only a Idea to get More People here get Famous a Bit More Outside ..... We could maybee cooperate with other Pages/Radio Streaming Side's and other Stuff! !! Tell me your Ideas and if We (Members) Could help anyway to Make this Side and Our Project's Better/Famous Maybee We All Could do some Things! and We All Will Be Winners by Promote/Help House-Mixes to Get Better and get More Famous . Thanks to all. Ps: I Really Like this Service and Wanna get it Better !!! This Page should get Best Performing/Promotions Page for DJ's -Mixes/Remixes and Radio Streaming, like Soundcloud for Normal People !
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